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Valerie Halbinger Chartered Counselling Psychologist. BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. Accredited EMDR Consultant
Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The psychologist is bound by the British Psychological Society’s Professional Practice Guidelines and their Code of Ethics and Conduct, which cover such areas as Ethical Decision Making; the Ethical Principles of Respect, Privacy & Confidentiality; Informed Consent; Competence; Responsibility and Integrity.  Link The British Psychological Society can be contacted on: Tel: 0116 2549568 or at www.bps.org.uk

Some of the areas discussed in these guidelines cover such areas as:-

The competence of the practitioner and their obligations and responsibilities to their self and to their clients.   

The Practitioner should recognise their current limitations in terms of training and not practice beyond them.  They will continue to, throughout their careers maintain and develop their knowledge and skills by undertaking and recording continuing professional development and consistently monitor their fitness to practice.  Additionally, they will always seek to support their client’s control over their lives and their ability to make appropriate decisions.  They will be mindful of the power dynamics of the professional / client relationship, respect the diversity of beliefs and values held within society and respect the clients’ autonomy. 

The practitioner should also make explicit contracts; inform clients of financial liabilities and issues of confidentiality. 


Client details will not be discussed with others, except for professional purposes, or in the event of legal obligations.  Moreover, if there is sufficient evidence to raise serious concern about: (a) the safety of the client; (b) the safety of other persons who may be endangered by the client’s behaviour; or (c) the health, welfare or safety of children or vulnerable adults.  The psychologist has a duty to ensure that all records are stored in a fashion that avoids disclosure.







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